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It can be mixed with all agrochemicals like insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, PGR and bio stimulants.


  • Easy Dispersion in aqueous systems
  • Greatly increases the uptake of agro-chemicals into the plant tissue
  • Easy to use & Cost-effective.
  • Non-toxic & Residue-free product.
  • Chemically inert, non-toxic.
  • It works as low ppm.
  • Drastically improves efficiency of their Spray Solutions.

Dosages: Use 5ml in 15 Liter of water for Normal Agrochemical formulations and for Complex agrochemical formulations like SC, WP etc use 7.5 ml to 10 ml per 15 Liter of water.

Recommended crops: Works on all type’s crops.

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Biofix Prasarak+ is a multipurpose Silicon based Spreader, Sticker & Penetrator. It is strongly surface active and can reduce the surface tension of water allows the product to spread and penetrate across the leaf more uniformly and allows the active ingredient to be better spread as well as absorb all over the spray surface


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