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Cancellation Policy

Definition: ‘Cancellation’ is defined as the action of cancelling the order by the Buyer or the Seller on the Revolusis Instore Marketplace, after an order is successfully placed. Following situations may arise:

  • Buyer does not wish to progress with the order for his/her own undisclosed reason
  • Seller is not in a state to fulfil the order due to his/her own undisclosed reason

Buyer is allowed to cancel the order after it is successfully placed, only if the order is yet to be shipped. Once shipped, the order cannot be cancelled and it will have to go through the refund process. Please do note that in such cases the refund policy is governed by the seller-stated refund policy and if the seller does not accept the refund of a certain product then in that case it is non-refundable, the buyer will have to accept the same.

If the Buyer cancels the order before shipment the payment in this case the buyer shall get a full refund of the amount paid. The Seller has to bear the Payment gateway charges.

Sellers could also cancel the order after receiving it in case there is a challenge in fulfilling the same due to unforeseen circumstances. The seller must confirm/check the order status as not being cancelled before shipping the product(s) to the buyer.

In case the Seller cancels the order due to any reason, he/she will have to pay the charges (admin fees + payment gateway fees + any other charges if applicable) to Revolusis Instore (Revolusis Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

Buyer / Seller is not allowed to cancel the order once the product(s) have been shipped by the seller or received by the buyer.

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