Shri Rahu Yantra


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Shri Rahu Yantra


To curb the malefic effects of Rahu, attain success and progress

Mantra to Chant:
ऊँ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः। ūm̐ bhrāṃ bhrīṃ bhrauṃ saḥ rāhave namaḥ

Must be placed on a sacred altar in the South direction on a Wednesday

AstroAmrut Guarantee:
100% Genuine and Authentic

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Rahu Yantra is a device used to appease the planet Rahu. Planet Rahu has great significance in the birth chart of a person. Rahu Yantra blesses the natives with high acumen, deep understanding, and esteem. It is advised for people who are suffering from unwanted enemies and ailments related to health. This Yantra is the remover of hurdles and obstacles from the life path of a person and wipes out the miseries and pains from the walk of the one which leads the individual towards success and provides him a stable walk throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why I should choose AstroAmrut when searching for high-quality Navagraha Yantras?

One must consult an astrologer before installing the Navagraha Yantras. Only those must be chosen that match the birth horoscope of the native. At AstroAmrut, our esteemed astrologers help the natives by providing them with accurate solutions and remedies along with choosing the right yantra. We guarantee that our yantras are genuine, purely energized and of high quality. Along with that, we provide your installation method and steps which help to achieve good results. You can visit the page to learn more about the devices or contact customer care.

Q2. Can you tell me how does Navagraha Yantras work?

Every Navagraha Yantra weaves a cobweb of energy within the environment and derives its power from regular washing and worshipping. Due to this, it influences people to a certain extent, thereby bringing in positive vibes and allowing them to do well in life and fight off challenges. As they are formed in geometrical patterns and known as divine symbols, they release positive energy fields within the surroundings, hereby helping the native in its purpose.

Q3. In case I don’t wash or worship the Navagraha Yantras daily, will the effects decrease?

Although regularly washing, cleaning and worshipping navagraha yantras is highly advised when being installed, it derives no adverse effects if not done. Regular worship and washing activate the power of yantra and enhance its effects to the maximum. However, in case of any odd circumstances that you’re unable to carry out the necessary steps, it will still be effective but not to that degree. Keep in mind that regular worshipping accelerates the energy and power within the navagraha yantra.

Q4. Should I get an attuned Navagraha Yantra only?

As every Navagraha Yantra has a specific planet ruling over it along with different modes of placement and energizing, it ought to be cleansed, purified and attuned properly. One needs to worship it daily and chant the mantras in order to maintain the positivity within. Now to answer your question, yes, it is recommended to purchase any navagraha yantra that is duly energized/attuned to acquire maximum benefit.

Q5. Which Navagraha Yantra will suit me?

For every individual navagraha yantra, we have provided their specific features, best prices, and suitable information. Along with that, we have also mentioned the rituals and religious procedures to be followed when installing the device within any premise. Every Yantra claims a particular area of life and dissolves queries related to it, hereby, consulting our esteemed astrologers can be a commendable idea. You can mail or call us, get in touch with the astrologers and find which yantra might be most suitable for you.

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm


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