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Ayurvedic Kajal Big


  • Container : Brass Container
  • Net wt : 6 gm
  • Estimated time, if used regularly by 1 person :  10 years.
  • Storage:  Room temp. away from direct sunlight.
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2+ 4,633.00
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What is our Ayurvedic Kajal made up of :

Beautiful Garden Ayurvedic Kajal is a prescribed formulation by Ayurveda to maintain the vitality and good health of our eyes.  It is made with the traditional & extremely slow and tedious method of Kajal making.  This method is nearly obsolete since it is highly laborious and slow.  But since it is very effective we have revived it in this special product.  Our Ayurvedic Kajal is made with the mush of raw cold pressed unrefined Castor Oil and Homemade Vedic A2 Cow Ghee along with many other incredible herbs which play a vital role in maintenance of our eyes.   

How will our Ayurvedic Kajal help your eyes :

Ayurveda has prescribed formulation for maintaining good health of our organs. This formulation provides the necessary ingredients to keep up the good health of your eyes and thus the vision. It helps to relieve dry eyes too. 

How to use our Ayurvedic Kajal :

Our body heals itself during our night sleep.  It is prescribed to use this at night before sleeping so that the ingredients necessary to do the maintenance of our eyes are fed into our eye balls when it heals.

Note : 

You could apply this in day time too and use this instead of the chemically full smudge free kajals.  


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